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What is Magick?

A brilliant explanation of “What is Magick?” …

“Magick is the study of the Universe, and then the practical use of that knowledge.”

– Foolish Fish

What is Magick? Delving Deep into Higher Realms and Inner Selves

In our increasingly materialistic and rational world, the notion of magick is often relegated to folklore, witches’ brews, and enchanted forests. Yet, beyond this realm of myths and legends lies a profound understanding of magick, interwoven with the fabric of our higher and lower selves. What is magick truly, and how does it connect with our quest for self-realization?

Defining Magick

Magick, at its essence, is the art and science of bringing about change in harmony with one’s will. This extends beyond mere physical alterations to encompass shifts in consciousness, perceptions, and spiritual energies. Unlike simple tricks, true magick touches the intricate energies that form our universe.

The Dual Nature: Higher and Lower Self

Within each individual exists a duality: the lower self (or ego) and the higher self. The lower self is tied to our physical existence, desires, fears, and immediate reactions. It’s what often drives our primal instincts. In contrast, the higher self is our divine essence, connecting us to universal energies and higher realms of consciousness.

High Magick and Theurgy

High Magick, often referred to as Theurgy, is distinct from more common forms of magick. Rather than focusing on material gains or specific outcomes, High Magick’s primary purpose is the communion with the divine and the realization of one’s higher self. It is the pursuit of self-realization and enlightenment.

Theurgy, in particular, is a form of High Magick that seeks union with divine entities or the supreme source, often through intricate rituals and meditations. Such practices are not for mere material or earthly gains but for aligning oneself with the divine order and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Magick vs. Religion

While both magick and religion have rites, symbols, and involve higher powers, they differ in essence. Religion generally operates within fixed doctrines and worships deities. Magick, particularly High Magick, is about harnessing energies (both internal and external) for transformation, communion, and self-realization.

Modern Relevance

In contemporary times, magick is increasingly seen as a pathway for personal evolution. Disciplines like the Law of Attraction, which emphasizes the power of intention and thought, resonate with magickal principles. The renewed interest in age-old tools like crystals and tarot signifies our intrinsic desire to connect with energies beyond the mundane.

The Interplay of Science and Magick

Science and magick may seem disparate, but areas like quantum physics bring forth phenomena that border on the magickal. As science delves deeper into the universe’s mysteries, the line between the known and the mystical becomes ever more blurred.

In Conclusion

Magick, in its multifaceted forms, urges us to look beyond the tangible. Through understanding and practicing magick, we embark on a journey not only of external wonders but of internal exploration, seeking to bridge our earthly existence with the divine essence that resides within.