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10 Witch Types: Which Witch Are You?

This article sheds light on some of the most common witch types so you can begin to figure out which witch type resonates with you. From traditional ancestral witch to the modern crystal witch, the green witch to the kitchen witch, you’ll gain insights into the diverse paths that define the modern witch. This journey will not only reveal the unique practices and beliefs of each type but also offer a deeper understanding of the rich, personal significance behind the craft.

Witchcraft, with roots as ancient as human history, has always been a part of our collective narrative, regardless of whether it was practiced openly or in secret. Its evolution over centuries has given rise to a rich tapestry of practices, beliefs, and paths of personal discovery. In the modern world, this diversity is reflected in the multitude of witch types, each practicing their unique style of magic. These varying witch types and paths of witchcraft demonstrate not only the adaptability and resilience of these mystical traditions but also the personal nature of the craft, allowing each practitioner to find a form of magic that resonates deeply with their individual spirit and beliefs.

The interest in witchcraft and Paganism skyrocketed in the 20th century. People began to explore things outside of conventional religion, maybe because they didn’t agree with the religion they were raised in. My best friend growing up came from an extremely religious family. If I wanted to stay over her house, I’d have to go to church with them the next day. I was young, so I didn’t care much, and I realized I loved it because I loved the youth group teacher and the friends I made.

As the years passed, I started actually thinking about what we discussed whenever I was there. I started questioning things and feeling like I didn’t fit in, or I didn’t agree. Once a friend of mine was kicked out because they asked how they should walk the line between believing in evolution as well as the story of Christ, I knew I wasn’t where I needed to be.

My first experience with witchcraft in general was reading some of my roommate’s books when I was 18. After reading them, I went out and bought my own first books. The books were about the Morrigan, reiki magic, and nocturnal witchcraft. I was obsessed; I just wanted to keep learning everything I could get my hands on about different types of witches.

Today, I mostly resonate as a Green Hearth Witch.

  • A Green Witch is someone who feels a deep connection to nature and uses plants and herbs in their craft.
  • A Hearth Witch focuses on their home and domestic life, nurturing an environment of magic all around.

Now of course there’s other parts of my practice that fall under different “categories,” but that’s the beauty of witchcraft. You can change practices whenever you want; you can try new things, you can explore and experiment.

You can be whatever witch type you want to be.

You are your own master of your path.

The beauty of witchcraft is that the rules are not confining.

Let’s dive into different witch types. Some have subtypes, and this only scratches the surface. In truth, there are dozens more witch types than what I list here.

Green Witch

Green Witches are deeply attuned to the natural world, with a particular focus on plants, herbs, and the environment. They often find their sanctuary in gardens or forests, where they engage with the earth’s energies.

Two types of witches I consider a subtype of a Green Witch is a Garden Witch, and A Hedge Witch.

Garden Witch

Garden Witches transform their gardens into magical spaces, combining their extensive botanical knowledge with their spiritual practice. Whether in the quiet of the forest or the tranquility of their garden, these witches foster a profound connection with nature.

Hedge Witch

Hedge Witches navigate the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms. They engage in practices such as spirit work, shamanic journeys, and explorations of the Otherworld. Hedge Witches incorporate natural elements into their rituals and often act as mediators between the natural world and the spiritual plane.

Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witches find their magic in the heart of the home. Using cooking and everyday household chores, they create spells with food and infusing everyday tasks with intention, they transform the act of cooking into a ritual in itself.

A few types of witches that loosely correlate with the Kitchen Witch:

Hearth Witchcraft

Hearth Witches focus on the home, but their practice extends beyond the kitchen into other areas of domestic life as well. They recognize the hearth as the core of the home and a source of magical energy. From tending to the fireplace to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, the Hearth Witch weaves magic into every nook and cranny.

Cottage Witchcraft

Cottage Witches share similarities with Kitchen and Hearth Witches. This witch type views every aspect of domestic life as an opportunity for magic, making their entire living space a sacred area. Now I know this sounds just like a Hearth Witch, but they also incorporate their land and gardens as well. Their homes are not just living spaces but enchanted realms where every action, from gardening to decorating, is infused with magical intent and purpose.

Tea Witchcraft

Tea Witches specialize in the magical and ritualistic use of tea. They blend their own teas for various purposes – be it for healing, relaxation, or magical intention. A Tea Witch’s practice often involves tasseomancy (tea leaf reading), using the patterns left by tea leaves as a method of divination. The act of brewing and serving tea becomes a ritual in itself, steeped in intention and tradition.

Traditional Witch

Adheres to older forms of witchcraft, often based on historical and folkloric practices of a specific culture or region, focusing on the lore and magic of their ancestors.

Traditional types of witches:

Hereditary Witch

A lineage of witches, with practices and knowledge passed down through family generations. Hereditary Witches inherit their base practices from family traditions, and while they may incorporate family practices, they can also develop their own individual paths.

Ancestral Witch

Ancestral Witchcraft focuses on connecting and communicating with one’s ancestors for guidance, protection, and assistance in magical workings. Ancestral Witches maintain a daily, year-round practice of honoring their ancestors, going beyond occasional rituals like those performed around Samhain. They may have an ancestor altar in their home to commune with their ancestors on a regular basis.

Wiccan Witches

Wiccans are practitioners of Wicca, a modern Pagan religion that blends elements of witchcraft with a deep reverence for nature. Central to Wicca is the celebration of the Wheel of the Year, which includes eight major festivals aligning with nature’s cycles, such as the solstices, equinoxes, and seasonal transitions. Wiccans follow the ethical guideline of the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what ye will,” emphasizing personal responsibility and harmlessness.

Adhering to ancient pagan beliefs and rituals, Wiccans may be duotheistic, worshiping a Goddess and a God, or polytheistic, honoring a range of deities. Their practices involve ritual and magic aimed at personal growth and positive change, rather than exerting power over others.

Elemental Witches

Elemental Witches work with the classical elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). This practice is deeply rooted in understanding and harnessing elemental forces in daily life and magical work. Witches may use elemental magic to work with the elements equally, or they may favor one particular element that they personally identify with.

Let’s talk about the four different types of witches an Elemental Witch may be.

Sea Witch

A Water Witch (Sea Witch) has strong ties to bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and rivers. Favored magickal and decorative objects are sand, shells, driftwood, or other natural objects that are found near water. Sea Witches are drawn to all things aquatic including sea life, and find the energy of water and water environments not only healing, but powerful places of magick.

Earth Witch

Earth Witchery is a nature-centric Witchcraft practice based around harmony with the earth. Very often this is the Witch who lives as naturally and as close to Nature as possible. Sounds like a Green Witch, or a Hedge Witch, right? While very similar, it all comes down to how you express and practice your magic.

The Earth Witch uses many botanicals, stones and other natural items the Earth provides to do magick with. They often work with Gaia, the Earth goddess of the Greek pantheon, to invoke her energies in spellwork that benefits and heals all aspects of Nature.

Air Witch

Air Witches feel a strong connection to birds, feathers, wind instruments, chimes, and weather. They embrace its associations with intellect, communication, and the mind. The Air Witch’s practice is typically marked by a focus on mental clarity, the power of intention in spellwork, and an affinity for windy, open spaces where they can connect deeply with their element. This type of witchcraft emphasizes the intangible, cerebral aspects of the craft, harnessing the power of thoughts, ideas, and communication in their magical workings.

Fire Witch

Fire Witches often focus on spells and rituals that involve strength, protection, courage, and purification. They may work with candles, bonfires, or other sources of flames to conduct their spells, using the fire as a focal point for raising energy and manifesting intentions.

In their practice, they are adept at managing and directing energy, understanding the fine balance between creation and destruction that fire symbolizes. This path of witchcraft emphasizes the importance of personal power, motivation, and the driving force of the will, reflecting the fiery spirit and resilience of those who walk with this element.

Cosmic Witch

Cosmic Witches, also known as Star Witches, integrate the celestial energies of the universe into their magical practice. They focus on astrology, lunar cycles, and planetary alignments, using these cosmic forces to time and empower their spells and rituals. Drawing on the phases of the moon, the positions of the planets, and the constellations, Cosmic Witches harness this celestial wisdom for guidance, insight, and to enhance the effectiveness of their magical workings.

Crystal Witch

Crystal Witches specialize in the use of crystals and gemstones in their magical practices, drawing upon the natural energies of the Earth for healing, protection, divination, and spellwork. They manipulate energy with crystals, using them for specific purposes like healing or manifestation, and often create crystal grids to direct energy towards a particular goal. These witches incorporate crystals into rituals and spell jars, use them as aids in meditation and divination, and engage in crystal-based healing practices.

Dream Witch

Dream Witches incorporate dreamwork for self-understanding, healing, and divination. They may engage in astral projection and interpret symbolic meanings in dreams. Entheogens can be used to induce deeper dream states.

A more specific type of Dream Witch can be a Hedge Rider.

Hedge Rider

Hedge Riders, while sharing similarities with Hedge Witches, are distinctly known for their heightened psychic abilities. They are adept at astral projection and entering trance states, which allows them to communicate directly with the spirit world. This practice requires a deep understanding of altered states of consciousness and a strong connection to the spiritual realm, allowing them to traverse and explore beyond the physical world.

Energy Witch

Energy Witches concentrate on the manipulation and understanding of energies, practicing a form of witchcraft deeply rooted in the belief that everything in the universe is composed of energy. Now if you’re familiar with reiki, you may think it sounds similar. The distinction is reiki, originating in Japan in the 20th century, is solely focused on energy healing and restoring balance to the body.

Their practice revolves around sensing, directing, and shaping energy, often without the reliance on physical tools like wands, crystals, or herbs. Instead, they use their intention, thought, and will.

Lunar Witch

Lunar witches focus on the lunar cycle, drawing on the Moon’s energies for various purposes including emotional healing, psychic development, and manifestation. Some things they include in their practice are paying close attention to the Moon’s phases, celebrating Esbats in honor of the Full Moon, and engaging in Lunar Magick. They also use lunar cycles to enhance divinatory practices and connect with the Moon’s feminine energy, often exploring its nurturing and intuitive qualities.

Which witch types resonate with you?

The choice of witch types you find common ground with can be a conscious decision, but often, it’s a subconscious gravitation towards practices and elements that naturally align with one’s interests and beliefs. This might be a gradual process of exploration and self-discovery, or it might be an immediate and strong connection to a particular aspect of the craft, such as herbalism, divination, or celestial bodies.