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Today, I named my house ‘Bonnie’

Earlier this week, I attended a ‘Protection Magick’ class at Solace Farms Day Retreat to learn about domestic spirits who live in our homes and on our lands. A High Priestess named Helena Domenic led the class.

A Presence in the House?

I probably would not have chosen this particular class if my sister-in-law, an Intuitive Energy Reader and Psychic, hadn’t mentioned a week or so prior that she felt “a presence” in my house.

A few hours later, this class popped up in my feed, and I decided to go. (Wouldn’t you?!)

The class covered various kinds of house spirits, where they come from, and types of protection magick. Helena talked about how to guard against negative energy by incorporating meditation, banishing rituals, and offerings or prayers into our practice.

She also discussed creating guards and wards, aka “watchers,” for protection.

Angie, the owner of Solace Farms, told us a story of how she came to name “Stella,” the former brothel that is now Solace Farms. During one part of the discussion, the electricity shut off briefly, and everyone laughed that Stella did not agree.

Fortunately, I don’t feel any negative energy at all in my house, so if there is a presence, it must be a good one.

Not Just a Good House…

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of naming my house. I already try to be very intentional and perform little rituals to infuse meaning into my everyday home life.

I like to think that I am turning the mundane into something much more magical by surrounding myself with little reminders, objects, and even makeshift altars to help me do just that.

Naming my home feels like it would remind me to take care of her even more. After all, she was dingy and dirty when we bought her, and I hope she’s never so neglected again.

A Grandmother’s House.

This house was built in 1930, and the main reason I wanted her is that she felt like a home for a grandmother.

Being a grandmother is the one identity that I truly embrace with my whole heart and I knew that my grandchildren would love coming to this house as much as I loved going to my maternal grandmother’s house.

Even though this house was not my first choice, it is solid and comfortable, and it quickly became where my family gathers for birthdays and holidays … and where my grandchildren visit frequently … even the older ones.

I am thankful that I decided to buy her and that not all spells work out as originally intended. This old girl is 93 years old and I know that she has helped raise at least two other families before we bought her, but she still has plenty to offer and many years left.

Our 1st Thanksgiving in our new home, November 24th, 2022.
Left to right: Niki, Michael, Danny, Shannah, Valerie, Celso, Sarah, Jayvon, Jakai, and Amanda.
Present but not pictured are me, Chuck, Cassius, and Mikhaila.
Anthony was at his Dad’s house.

The Watchman

Last night, I dreamt that I traveled back in time and walked through my house as it was being built.

The Watchman statue I purchased a few years ago at an auction was in the dream. He currently sits on the hearth of my fireplace facing the front door. The fireplace was capped off when we bought it and we were told that there had been a chimney fire in it at one time. We have since had the chimney lined and it is a working fireplace once again.

But, anyway, back to The Watchman. In my dream, he was watching the house being built.

I remember becoming slightly aware that I was having a lucid dream.

I don’t know exactly why I bought him. I don’t have any other statues and I didn’t have a fireplace when I bought him.

But, he definitely belongs here.

Just yesterday, taking a cue from the class, I thanked him for protecting each of the homes we have lived in over the years.

Oh, and I fondly remember that when Valerie was around three years old, I would walk into the room and catch her kissing him, so I guess she was thankful too!

Our Watchman, who sits on our fireplace hearth guarding our home, looks toward the front door as Chuck touches up some paint.

A Good Name for a Grandmother’s House

I am fuzzy on the details, but Bono, the lead singer of U2, was also in the dream. (I know, random!)

I have always loved him and his music and have seen him in concert many times. I also have a signed copy of his book “Surrender” on the bookshelf in my bedroom. Anyway, he and I watched the house come to life, transforming from an empty shell to the home that she is now.

When I awoke from my dream, I kept thinking of the name “Bono,” which I discovered means “good.”

“But,” I said to myself, “this is a grandmother’s house. Wouldn’t she have a girl’s name?”

And then it came to me. I said out loud, “Bonnie is a good name.”

So, I looked up Bonnie, hoping that the meaning was as “good” as Bono.

I found out that it means “pretty girl,” “cheerful.,” and … “good.”

Bonnie really IS a pretty girl!
Here’s one of the two stained glass windows on either side of her fireplace.

“Perfect!” I thought.

One of the things that attracted me to this house was her pretty stained glass windows on either side of the brick fireplace and the fact that she had “good” bones.

I also liked the fact that she gets lots of natural light inside, something that definitely cheers me up, especially during the long winter!

But then, I asked myself, “Is this a name that would likely have been given to this house when it was built?”

So, I looked up when the name Bonnie came into popularity.

It hit the Top 100 list in 1928, just two years before she was built.

While I don’t know for certain if there are spirits living in Bonnie, I do know that I feel safe and happy in this house.

I like to think that the presence that my sister-in-law felt was that of The Watchman who now watches over Bonnie … who may have always watched over her, in fact … and I hope he is happy and at peace knowing that Bonnie is finally loved.