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The long, dark days of winter

Friday, March 25, 2023 — The long, dark days of winter have taken their toll, and I feel tired. I have nearly given up hope that my world will ever be warm or green again.

But, as the wheel turns from Ibolc to Ostera, the chains of winter’s cold breath that have been keeping me a prisoner inside my home begin to break away, filling me with a renewed vigor for life.

I dare to venture outdoors, looking for signs of life.

I see daffodils, tulips, and crocuses pushing through the warming soil.

I see the fish swimming toward the pond’s surface, waiting beyond hope that they will finally be fed after five months of hibernating.

I hear the birds singing. I hear the wind rustling through the leaves.

I look at the swing that we hung in our backyard for our grandchildren. A swing that I know will be well-used this year.

I spot freshly dug dirt and a pile of leaves in one of the raised flower beds. As I look closer, I realize that it is a nest full of baby bunnies.

I begin to feel excitement, a feeling of joy, rising from deep inside me.

Each year, as winter turns to spring, I am resurrected.


Like the Rose of Jericho.

Like a phoenix.