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Springtime Rituals with the Grandkids

Like many people, I tend to become depressed each Winter. By the time Ostara rolls around, I have almost given up hope that it will ever be Spring again. I don’t remember from my childhood, but I am sure that kids probably feel the same way … as if Winter will never end. Involving the little ones in Spring cleaning, gardening, celebrations, and other springtime rituals is important to help them overcome the winter blues.

Here are some of the things I like doing with my grandchildren in the Spring:

Plant seeds or bulbs together.

Because Ostara is a time of new beginnings planting seeds or bulbs that you can watch grow over the coming months is a great way to honor this aspect of the holiday.

Set intentions and record them in a journal.

This time of renewal and rebirth is the perfect time to set intentions and let go of old habits that no longer serve you to make room for new beginnings! A special notebook or diary is the perfect place for them to begin this important practice.

Spend time together outdoors.

Take a walk in nature and soak up the sun! Maybe even have a picnic! Spending time outside connecting with nature is a powerful way to celebrate the return of Spring. Be sure to gather items that you might use to place on your altar or to decorate your home.

Go rock hunting.

Rockhounds cannot pass by a pretty rock without taking a closer look! It’s a low-budget hobby that doesn’t require any training or traveling … even the driveway rocks can do in a pinch!

Build a fairy garden!

A little moss, some tiny plants, a few rocks, a makeshift door, and your imagination are all you need! Goodwill and the Dollar Store are great places to find little inexpensive fairies, gnomes, or other items for your fairy garden.

Time for some Spring cleaning in their rooms!

Open the curtains or blinds and let sunlight fill your bedrooms. Pack up the winter clothing, wash the blankets, and put them away. Help your children go through their toys and belongings. Help them let go of what no longer serves them. Pick items that can be donated and take them with you when you drop them off. Talk to them about the importance of caring for their belongings. Let them decorate their shelves and walls, surrounding themselves with items that make them feel loved, protected, and grounded.

Turn on some music and keep the cleaning going throughout the house.

My grandkids love to help me clean the whole house. They like to polish, dust, vacuum, wash dishes, fold clothes, make beds, and do other chores.

Paint a Spring scene.

Get out the canvases, paint, and paintbrushes. Fill their palette with beautiful pastels. Let them use their imagination or set up a table with flowers, Easter eggs, and other fun items and paint a still life. Another idea is to set up the canvases outside and paint the scenery.

Valerie’s Spring Scene 2023

Throw a witchy tea party!

Make your own witchy blend, and then use local honey to sweeten it. Read the tea leaves when you are done.

Color Easter Eggs!

Use wax crayons to draw symbols, flowers, or even words of intention on the eggs. Maybe try something different this year; here are some creative Easter Egg ideas to try. I like the idea of making natural Easter Egg Dye and think I will try it this year.

Decorate an altar.

Lay an altar cloth in the middle of your table and let them help decorate it. Resurrect the Rose of Jericho and/or color some Easter eggs and use them as your centerpiece. Eggs symbolize fertility, life, and rebirth, and cultures around the world color them and regard it as an important practice. Add rocks, crystals, flowers, feathers, moss, and other seasonal elements to your altar.

(If you include candles or incense, be sure to discuss fire safety with your children and let them know that they should not use them unless a grownup is present. I bought my granddaughter some battery-operated tea lights that she can use in her room.)

Help them become spiritual beings.

Teach them a simple prayer, chant, or meditation. Here is one to celebrate Ostara and the return of Spring:

Welcome, welcome, warm fresh earth!
Today we celebrate rebirth!
Blowing wind, rising sun,
Bringing the spring to everyone!
Rabbits hopping, chicks in the nest,
Spring is the season we love the best!
Celebrate the green of the earth with me –
Happy Ostara, and blessed be!

Have them over for an Easter egg hunt!

My grandchildren always look forward to our annual egg hunts on Easter Sunday. Yes, witches can celebrate Easter, too!

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Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt
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Do you have any Springtime rituals that you like to do with your kids or grandkids?

Please let me know in the comments below!