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Meet Grandma: A Modern Shapeshifter Witch

I know what you are asking now that you’ve read my article, “A Crossroad in Your Witch Path: Exploring 50+ Types of Witches To Forge Your Own Path” … Which witch types did Grandma choose to create her witch path? I feel that my “modern witch type” is a combination of quite a few of the types above … ancestral witch, art witch, cottage witch, divination witch, dream witch, eclectic witch, green witch, hearth witch, hedge witch, moon witch, pagan witch, and spiritual witch … with a pinch of sorcery. I love learning about all types of witchcraft and occult-related practices, and I incorporate what resonates with me. I also embrace the concept of change and transformation, so think I am creating my own witch type…

Grandma is a Modern Shapeshifter Witch (Symbolic Concept)

When we talk about a “Shapeshifter Witch” in a contemporary context, it’s crucial to distinguish this from the literal shape-shifting found in folklore and myth, where individuals are often depicted as transforming physically into animals or other beings.

The modern Shapeshifter Witch is a metaphorical concept, emphasizing adaptability, versatility, and transformation on a spiritual, emotional, or psychological level.

Unlike the shapeshifters of legend who undergo physical metamorphosis, the transformation of the modern Shapeshifter Witch is about embracing different aspects of oneself, exploring various practices within witchcraft, and adapting to changing circumstances. This form of shapeshifting is an internal and personal journey of growth and self-discovery, rather than a literal change in physical form.

The Shapeshifter Witch represents a practitioner who is not only versatile and adaptable but also insightful and guided by a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of various magical practices.

Here is my interpretation of a Shapeshifter Witch and the practices I draw from:

  • Focus: This type of witch would embrace the ability to adapt, change, and transform oneself on a spiritual, emotional, or psychological level, as well as through various aspects of witchcraft. The concept of shapeshifting here is about versatility and adaptability in one’s practice and personal growth, and this witch type symbolizes the ability to navigate different realms, practices, and energies with ease.
  • Practices:
    • Ancestral Wisdom: Harnesses ancestral knowledge and traditions, drawing guidance from the past. (I have a dedicated ancestral altar in my living room on the mantel above the fireplace and I believe my ancestors are watching over me and guiding me.)
    • Art as a Medium Channel: Utilizes creative arts for expression and magical manifestation, embracing different forms and energies. engage in divinatory practices to guide their artistic process, seeking inspiration and direction from tarot cards, runes, or spirit communication. (I have opened myself to guidance from spirits or the universe, allowing my art to become a channel for messages, insights, and healing energies. In fact, I believe that I am often just holding the brush and not sure what I am even painting until it begins to reveal itself to me.) I recently came across the term “paintgazing” and it fits!
    • Dream Exploration: Engages in dream interpretation and lucid dreaming for self-discovery and spiritual insights. (My dreams are very vivid and I am able to recall them easily. I also often become aware that I am dreaming and am learning more about how I can use this for magical purposes.)
    • Eclectic Magic: Blends a variety of witchcraft traditions, adapting to different systems and beliefs fluidly. (Clearly!)
    • Garden Magic: Has a deep connection with nature and living in harmony with the earth; uses gardening as a form of meditative practice and a source of magical ingredients. (I am obsessed with composting and collecting rocks … my witch’s garden is where you will find me on every nice day!)
    • Hearth Magic: Incorporates nurturing energies of home and hearth into their practice, grounding their transformations and creating a magical home environment. (For sure!)
    • Hedge Journeying: Travels between worlds, connecting with different realms and spirits, and understanding liminal spaces. (I am still working on this but am deeply interested and feel that it is the natural progression after learning to better control my dreams.)
    • Lunar Connection: Aligns with the moon’s phases, understanding and utilizing the cycles of change and transformation. (I am quite obsessed with the moon!)
    • Divination Arts: Employs various divination tools like tarot, runes, or scrying to foresee possibilities, make informed decisions, and enhance intuition. (I am learning tarot and use it every day to help guide me.)
    • Sorcerous Techniques: Utilizes assertive magical techniques, wielding intention and willpower to effect tangible changes. (I am in the apprentice stage, but have a deep interest in learning more.)
    • Practices witchcraft within the context of Paganism: Has a deep reverence for nature, the celebration of seasonal cycles, and often the worship of multiple deities. (My practice includes rituals to honor nature, the elements, and the changing of seasons and the Sabbats).
    • Embraces Spiritual Practices for Inner Growth: Integrates meditation, energy work, and rituals focused on spiritual development and personal enlightenment, fostering a deeper connection with the self and the universe. (1000%!)

So… that’s my witch type, in a nutshell! What’s yours? Read A Crossroad in Your Witch Path: Exploring 50+ Types of Witches To Forge Your Own Path to discover your witch type!