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Reflections from the Solar Eclipse

I have not been writing much lately … in fact, I have not been painting much lately either. Ever since last month’s solar eclipse, I have pretty much just been focusing on getting … grounded.

Over the past several months, I have just felt such a whirlwind of energy, and that is evidenced by the sheer number of articles I have written and artworks I have created.

I also have had an overall sense of feeling overstimulated, as well as feelings of exhaustion.

Don’t get me wrong, it has felt quite exhilarating, and it culminated with a spiritual awakening during the eclipse that left me with one of the most intense feelings of joy I have ever felt.

And that was despite the fact that, even though I did make it to the path of totality, it was too cloudy to even see the eclipse.

Instead, something completely indescribable happened to me. It was as if time stood still as the darkness came toward me like a tsunami. Standing in a graveyard on top of a hill at a crossroads, I could see the entire horizon … and it was glowing as if it was on fire. All of the hair stood up on my body and I knew that I was being completely surrounded by Hecate’s halo. And, it was the most beautiful light I have ever seen.

I painted this the night before and brought it with me so She could see the eclipse too.
As the darkness started coming…
Pickett Cemetery, Gorham, NY

Words, photos, and videos cannot describe what I saw or felt that day. It cannot capture the months leading up to the eclipse; the knowing that at that exact moment, I would experience something profound. All of the synchronicities that happened in the days and hours leading up to it and the vision that came to me as I painted it the night before made it simply undeniable. There is no longer any doubt in my mind … or in my heart … Hecate gave me a gift that I will never forget.

I cannot wait for the 2026 eclipse. You had better believe that I will be there with her.