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Finding Solutions with a Two Card Tarot Spread

Tarot spreads offer a window into our subconscious, allowing us to explore various aspects of our lives through symbolic representation. The “Problem/Solution” two card tarot spread, attributed to T. Susan Chang, author of “The Living Tarot,” is a simple yet profound tool for anyone seeking clarity. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or just beginning your journey, this spread is versatile and insightful.

Known as the world’s smallest problem-solver, this simple two card tarot spread is a terrific way to … you guessed it … get some clarity and answers to your problems!

Understanding the Problem/Solution Two Card Tarot Spread

The beauty of this two card tarot spread lies in its simplicity. It involves drawing two cards – the first representing the problem and the second suggesting a potential solution. And, actually, you are choosing the first card yourself, the card that represents the problem.

Card 1: The Problem

The first card is all about identifying the core issue at hand. Your “problem” could be anything from writer’s block to drama at work to feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Flip through your cards and find the one that you feel best represents your problem – and remember, there is no wrong way to do this. Here are some possible scenarios and the card that you might choose to represent your problem:

8 of SwordsWriter’s block, not feeling motivated, problems at work, etc.
The DevilAn obstacle or challenge, toxic relationships, unhealthy behaviors
5 of CupsFeeling sad or missing a loved one
5 of WandsFeeling stressed out, kids fighting
9 of SwordsFeeling helpless, anxiety, worry
10 of WandsFeeling like you are being stretched too thin
The Hanged ManFeeling stuck in a rut, misunderstood
Suggestions for cards to represent “the problem” in the two card tarot spread.

Card 2: The Solution

The second card in the two card tarot spread provides guidance on how to approach or resolve the problem. This card should be interpreted as a suggestion, not a definitive answer. It’s a prompt for introspection and action. It’s important to approach this with an open mind, as the tarot often reveals underlying themes that might not be immediately apparent.

How to Use the Spread

  1. Choose One Card: Refer to the table above or look through your cards and find one to represent the problem. Refer to the table above or look at the symbols on the cards and find one that resonates with you. Lay the card you chose on the left, symbolizing the problem.
  2. Shuffle the Deck: As you shuffle, focus on possible solutions to the problem you identified. What is the outcome you hope for?
  3. Draw One Card: Lay this card on the right, representing the solution.
  4. Interpret the Solution Card: Take your time to absorb the imagery and symbolism of the card. How does it speak to your situation? Remember, tarot is as much about intuition as it is about traditional meanings.
  5. Reflect and Apply: Consider how the advice in the second card can be applied to the problem represented by the first. This might require some creative thinking or an open-minded approach.

Tips for Effective Reading

  • Context Matters: The same card can mean different things depending on the context of the problem.
  • Trust Your Intuition: While traditional meanings are important, your personal interpretation and gut feelings are equally valuable.
  • Stay Open: Sometimes, the cards might bring up unexpected issues or solutions. Be open to these insights.
  • Keep a Journal: Documenting your readings can help track your progress and reflect on past insights.

My ‘Money Problem’ Two Card Tarot Spread

Lately, I have been a little stressed about money … hey, it happens! It just seems that no matter how much I make, it’s never quite enough (it never is, right?). I decided on the Five of Pentacles to represent the problem … not enough money.

The Five of Pentacles often represents hardship, particularly in the realms of financial, physical, or social well-being. It can indicate a time of struggle, poverty, or exclusion, possibly feeling left out in the cold or experiencing a sense of lack. This card reminds us of the challenges we face in the material world and the feelings of isolation or abandonment that can accompany hard times.

As I shuffled, I thought about possible outcomes … it seemed to me that there are basically two:

  1. Make more money … or
  2. Spend less money.

Of course, I was hoping for the “make more money” solution, so I was very happy when I drew the Ace of Cups. Woohoo!

A Problem/Solution Two Card Tarot Spread

The Ace of Cups is a card of emotional new beginnings, love, and intuition. It often signifies the start of a new emotional experience – be it in love, friendship, or a deeper understanding of oneself. This card is about the potential for emotional fulfillment and the blossoming of a new emotional or spiritual journey. It is a card of abundance, and it also represents developing your intuition and trusting your inner voice. When it comes to finances, the Ace of Cups also reminds us that material wealth is not the only source of abundance.

Because tarot is very personal to our own lives, I was able to understand what the card was trying to tell me, and I am confident that I know what I need to do to “make more money” and will soon make enough so that my cup will overflow, so to speak.

My ‘Wintertime Blues’ Reversed Problem Tarot Card Spread

For this reading, I used the Wheel of the Year (Wheel of Fortune in most decks) tarot card in reverse to represent the wintertime blues I feel each and every year (it’s a real problem for some people, particularly those of us in the northeastern part of the United States!). I thought about possible solutions to this problem, such as doing some traveling (although maybe not while I am having money problems!), focusing on my hobbies, spending extra time with the grandkids, etc.

Here is what I pulled:

I used a reversed card to represent the problem in this two card tarot spread.

The Ten of Cups tells me to look toward my family and friends to get me through this winter and that the Wheel of the Year will once again turn, and it will soon be Ostara and the return of spring.

I’ve got this :D

By the way, aren’t my tarot cards beautiful? They are the Witches Tarot Deck and they come with a nice 312-page companion book. I have acquired a pretty nice collection of decks, and this one of my favorites.


The “Problem/Solution” two-card tarot spread is a testament to the tarot’s versatility. It’s a straightforward method that can yield profound insights, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Remember, tarot is a tool for reflection and guidance, not a predictor of the future. Use this spread to explore possibilities and gain a deeper understanding of your life’s challenges and opportunities.

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

— Carl Gustav Jung