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Once Upon a Blue Super Moon…

The Spiritual Potency of August 30, 2023’s Blue Super Moon

The moon—our guardian of the night sky—has fascinated and guided humanity for eons. Come August 30, 2023, its glow will not only illuminate the earth but also beckon us to experience something extraordinarily sacred—a Blue Moon that’s also a supermoon. This moment is an extraordinary crossroads of power, where the rare and the potent converge.

“The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark.” 

Bethroot Gwynn © Mother Tongue Ink 2017

Are you prepared to dance in the moonlight of this rare celestial event? Keep reading for ideas on how to celebrate!

The Moon’s Energetic Ebb and Flow

Life and the moon share a cyclical nature; each phase waxes and wanes with sacred intention.

When the moon is full, its celestial energies are at their peak, charged and expansive. It’s as though the moon itself breathes deeply, preparing to exhale, to release.

This release aligns with spiritual practices centered on letting go, completing a cycle, and preparing for renewal.

Just as the moon cycles through its phases, so do we cycle through emotions, growth, and renewal. It’s cosmic synchronization.

The Two Faces of the Blue Moon

The term ‘Blue Moon’ evokes a sense of wonder and rarity. Yet, its definitions vary.

  1. There’s the seasonal Blue Moon, honored by NASA, as the third full moon in a season graced by four.
  2. Then there’s the monthly Blue Moon, the second full moon in a single calendar month, which is what this moon will be.

Either way, when a Blue Moon graces the sky, the veils between the realms grow thin, amplifying lunar energies for magical workings.

I have never really been one to track things, but the full moon is a great reminder to do a little manifesting, charge my crystals, and focus on some self-care. I think the last time I did that was during the last full worm moon.

The Resonance of Collective Consciousness

New York-based witch and magician, Cat Cabral, illuminates the true essence of magick for the readers of Allure: “Magick is about raising energy.”

And, while each moon has the potential to be as powerful as any other when a collective focus is aligned, particularly during an event as spiritually charged as a Blue Moon, the latent power of our intentions is magnified.

Cabral says. “The more people concentrate their collective energy towards something [like a blue super moon], the more powerful it becomes.”

Imagine your energy merging with thousands of others, a collective heart beating in sync with the blue super moon.

The Alchemy of Personal Rituals: The Pillars of Full Moon Magick

As witches, we do not merely observe the celestial moon; we are active participants. During the upcoming Blue Super Moon, consider attuning your own rhythms to the moon with a full moon ritual.

For magickal purposes, the power of the full moon’s energy lasts for about three days, so you have plenty of time to do several rituals if you would like!

There are no hard rules, just try to find something that resonates with your soul. Here are some classic elements you might want to integrate:

Blue Super Moon Elixir: Water Kissed by Lunar Light

Moonwater is water that has been charged by the energy of the moon and is used to help with spiritual and emotional healing and transformation. While this practice originated in the 1800s, leveraging the power and energy of the moon has been used for centuries.

The full moon is associated with manifestation, celebration, and amplification. The positive lunar energy emitted during the full moon is believed to help calm and soothe the body and the mind, resetting imbalances and promoting spiritual, mental, or physical well-being, making it the perfect opportunity for some self-care.

By capturing this energy into a liquid form, we are able to use it for drinking, cleaning, bathing, watering our plants, or making our own perfumes, oils, or elixirs.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

– Buddha 

Blue Super Moon Elixer

This month, instead of simply making “moonwater,” how about crafting your own blue super moon elixir? Here’s how:

  1. Fill a glass jar with water, preferably from a natural source.
  2. Infuse it with herbs and/or flowers, if desired.
  3. Label it, for example “Infused by the Blue Super Moon 8/30/2023”
  4. Find a place where you can leave it under the moonlight overnight.
  5. Surround your jar with crystals and other sacred items.
  6. Get very clear about your intentions. Why are you doing this ritual? What would you like to gain from it?
  7. Speak your intentions or affirmations out loud. You might say, “Dear Moon, thanks for this Sacred Water, which is already helping me with (say your intentions here),” or you might want to recite one of these full moon release prayers.
  8. Write down your intentions on a slip of paper and place it under the jar.
  9. Raise your vibrations by chanting a moon ritual incantation below.
  10. Visualize your intentions as if they have already happened and then imagine releasing them into the universe.
  11. Cover the jar and leave it overnight.
  12. Journal about your intentions, your ritual, and the outcomes you expect.

This elixir then becomes a multi-purpose sacred tool: drink it, add it to a cleansing bath, or offer it to your plants as a nectar of growth.

Healthline suggests using it as part of your beauty routine and includes a DIY moon water toner recipe on their website.

5 Moon Ritual Incantations

“By the moon’s gentle glow, I sow my dreams to grow,
In its light, my intentions take flight,
As the night unfolds, my desires it holds,
With each whispered word, let my wishes be heard.”

“Moonlit beams and starry gleams,
I speak my hopes, my heart’s true dreams.
In this sacred space, under the night’s embrace,
May my intentions manifest with grace.”

“Moon above, guide my way,
In your glow, my intentions sway.
With each word I say, in this mystic array,
May my wishes take shape, come what may.”

“Lunar light, weave your spell,
In this moment, all is well.
Intentions spoken, let them soar,
As the moon’s energy restores.”

“Moon’s silver thread, weave and twine,
Around my wishes, intentions combine.
With every verse, let magic ignite,
As dreams take flight under this moonlit night.”

Soul-Scripting: Journaling with Blue Super Moon Energy

It’s more than just writing; it’s soul-scripting. Pen down your thoughts, fears, and aspirations under the blue supermoon’s glow. Allow its energy to guide your hand as you identify what you wish to release or manifest.


Here are some journal prompts designed to make the most of the Blue Super Moon’s energy:

Journal Prompts for the Blue Super Moon

  1. What has been illuminated in your life since the last new moon?
    • Reflect on the things that have come to light—be they good or challenging—and how you’ve handled them.
  2. What’s draining your energy? What are you willing to release?
    • Write these down and visualize them dissolving under the moon’s rays.
  3. Which areas of your life feel stagnant? What steps can you take to energize them?
    • Think about relationships, work, or personal projects that need a lunar boost.
  4. What are you grateful for at this moment?
    • Counting your blessings can raise your vibration, making your moon ritual even more potent.
  5. Who or what has been a teacher for you this lunar cycle?
    • Acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned and how they’ve contributed to your growth.
  6. What patterns or behaviors are you ready to transform or shed?
    • Think about the habits that aren’t serving you and how the blue super moon’s energy can help you release them.
  7. How do you feel when the moon is full?
    • Tune into your emotions, bodily sensations, and any shifts in your energy.
  8. What does the term ‘Blue Super Moon’ evoke in you?
    • Free-write your emotional and mental associations with this rare event.
  9. What intentions will you set for the upcoming lunar cycle?
    • Write them down and make them clear and actionable.
  10. What would you like to manifest by the next Blue Moon?
    • Dream big. You have an entire season to bring this vision to life!

Adding any of these to your soul-scripting section can make the ritual even more immersive and personal.

Remember, the moon is a cosmic confidante that keeps all your secrets and amplifies your intentions. What you choose to divulge or manifest under her light is entirely up to you.

You can even inscribe an intention for the new moon to come, something like, “With this ink, I release all that shadows my light. I welcome transformation.”

Tarot’s Mystical Guidance: Card by Celestial Card

Sure, tarot is fun, but it’s also deeply insightful. Whether you find a full moon tarot spread that calls to you or decide to pull cards intuitively, let the cards be mirrors of your soul.

Here’s a custom Tarot spread that complements the unique energies of this lunar phenomenon:

The Blue Super Moon Odyssey Tarot Spread

  1. The Cradle of the Moon (Card Position 1)
    • This card explores your emotional foundation at the time of the Blue Super Moon. What is your soul resting upon?
  2. Moonlit Shadows (Card Position 2)
    • This card will reveal hidden aspects or challenges that you’re currently unaware of or are hesitant to face.
  3. Moon’s Embrace (Card Position 3)
    • This card is all about what the moon’s heightened energy wants to bring into your life or magnify. What’s ready to be amplified?
  4. Blue Moon’s Whisper (Card Position 4)
    • This card represents the unique message or lesson that the Blue Moon has for you. What wisdom is it imparting?
  5. Lunar Eclipse (Card Position 5)
    • This card uncovers what you should focus on releasing or transforming as you move forward into the next lunar cycle.

How to Use the Spread:

  • Find a quiet, sacred space under the Blue Super Moon. If you can’t be outside, being near a window where you can see the moon is also impactful.
  • Clear your deck of any previous energies. You can do this by smudging it, knocking on it, or just setting the intention to clear it.
  • Shuffle the cards while focusing on the energy of the Blue Super Moon and your intention for the reading.
  • Lay the cards out in the order mentioned, and take your time interpreting each card’s message in relation to its position.

Feel free to modify this spread to fit your own intuition and needs. Tarot is a deeply personal practice, and what’s important is that the spread resonates with you.

And, if tarot isn’t your thing, no sweat. Your ritual, your rules!

Ritual Baths: The Watery Embrace of Release

Rather than just a bath, envision this as a watery embrace from the blue super moon herself. As you soak, integrate aspects like meditation or even your moon elixir.

Light some candles, put on some ambient tunes, and let the water’s alchemy transform your energy.

The Blue Super Moon Enchanted Bath Ritual


  • Epsom Salt or Sea Salt: For cleansing and grounding.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: For relaxation and opening up spiritual channels.
  • Blue Moon Elixir: The moonwater you’ve prepared, to infuse the bath with lunar energy.
  • Moonstone or Clear Quartz Crystals: To amplify your intentions.
  • Blue Candles: To represent the Blue Moon and invite its energy into your space.
  • Sage or Palo Santo: For smudging and energetic cleansing.
  • Soft, Ambient Music or Moon Chants: To get you in that lunar state of mind.


  1. Set the Stage: Start by smudging your bathroom with sage or Palo Santo. It’s like giving the room a spiritual deep clean, making it ready for your ritual.
  2. Candle Magic: Light those blue candles and place them around your tub. Safety first—make sure they’re on stable surfaces.
  3. Salt and Elixir: Fill your bathtub with warm water. Add a cup of Epsom salt or sea salt and a cup of your Blue Moon Elixir. Swirl it around to mix it up.
  4. Lavender Drops: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the water. Inhale deeply, allowing the soothing scent to envelop you.
  5. Crystal Power: Place your moonstone or clear quartz around the tub or even in the water if they’re water-safe.
  6. Enter the Waters: Step into the bath, lowering yourself into your lunar oasis. Close your eyes and take deep, calming breaths.
  7. Intention Setting: Once you’re settled, focus on your intentions. What do you wish to release, and what do you hope to attract? Say it out loud or just meditate on it.
  8. Sacred Soaking: Spend at least 20-30 minutes soaking in the water, allowing the moon’s energy to permeate your being.
  9. Drink in the Moon: Have a glass of your Blue Moon Elixir by your side. Sip it slowly during your bath to internalize the moon’s energy.
  10. Close the Ritual: To close, drain the tub and visualize all the negative energy going down the drain. Once you step out, give thanks to the moon and blow out your candles.
  11. Bonus: Feel free to do your tarot pull or soul-scripting right after the bath to tap into that fresh, lunar-charged energy.

This bath is your time, a moment when you and the moon are vibing on the same frequency. The ritual doesn’t just cleanse your body; it renews your spirit.

Moon Magick for Every Soul

The beauty of a full moon ritual is its accessibility. You don’t have to be steeped in pagan traditions to reap its benefits. It’s an offering that’s both whimsical and profoundly grounding, perfect for anyone intrigued by the moon’s mystique.

The Blue Supermoon on August 30, 2023, offers more than just a night of heightened energy. It’s an invitation to integrate the lessons and blessings of an entire lunar cycle, to close a chapter and anticipate the next. As we stand beneath her luminous glow, let’s remember that, like the moon, we too are ever-changing, and therein lies our power to transform.