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Magical Deities Who Might Be Reaching Out To You

So we’ve talked about deities in general, but let’s talk a little more in-depth! A curious part of witchcraft is praying to different deities, and, if you’re lucky, working with them. Deities offer us guidance, energy, insights, and protection in some cases. (Of course, you can still be a practicing witch and not pray to or believe in deities, and invoking God/Goddess names is often seen as simply asking for a certain type of energy to work with.)

For those who do believe, recognizing when deities are reaching out to get your attention is a profound moment and a genuine experience that is different for every person. We’re going to explore the same well-known deities we went over in my last article about them, but this time let’s talk about recognizing the signs that they may be trying to contact you.

Signs That a Deity is Reaching Out

Deities will surround your day-to-day life with different animals, symbols of animals, recurring themes, dreams or visions, piqued interest, or unexplained energies. If you came here looking for proof or a way that confirms deities will speak with you in a straightforward communication like physically speaking through you or talking into your mind, then you’re in the wrong place and may need to get a bit of a reality check before continuing.

Now, along that train of thought, it is indeed possible to ‘hear’ what they would possibly say in certain scenarios in your head once you are a seasoned witch. One who has spent years honoring and learning about certain deities may say something like, “I bet this god/goddess sent that into my life/path/dream because they’re here with me during my practices and trying to tell me something or thank me for something I did,” because you will be familiar enough with their myths, legends, and rituals that you could imagine what they might possibly be saying to you. Divination, tarot, and meditation, among other things, are great ways to connect with the deities you honor who are watching over you.

Even then, it’s also important to note that one of the biggest mistakes anyone makes is assuming the deity you’re seeing signs of is the one you’re most drawn to, which is not always the case. Your interest in worshipping a deity and honoring one, possibly working with one, does not mean they have an interest in you, they owe you nothing. Put the puzzle pieces together, and let their identities unfold, do not try to force the puzzle pieces into a shape they do not fit.

It can be tough if you’re not looking with your entire mind and energies. If you’re hoping to work with Artemis, you’ll look to the forest and may interpret your wild heart and energy to mean Artemis is singing out to you, when in reality it could very well be Pan, playing a flute on the wind that sings to your wild energy. Certain deities have overlapping interests, symbols, and ways of honoring them; your education never ends.

Now let’s talk about some of those signs that I mentioned above.

Animals that are associated with different deities will appear more frequently in your dreams, literature, or physical life. Knowing which animals represent which deity is a great start; after all, if you don’t know much about a deity, why would you be ready to honor them, let alone work with them?

Encountering symbols and names, or having them brought up organically in conversation, is another thing to look out for. On a side note, one could argue that increased encounters with information about a specific deity on social media are a sign, but since media has a lot to do with algorithms, it’s not well received as a reliable sign by some in the witch community.

A big one is seemingly developing an interest in a specific culture, myth, or symbol out of nowhere. Regardless of whether a deity is reaching out to work with you, honoring them can deepen your connection to the divine and the energies they embody. Here are ways to honor these deities:

  • Altars and Offerings: Create a dedicated altar space with symbols, statues, or images of the deity. Offerings such as food, flowers, incense, or personal crafts can show your respect and willingness to connect.
  • Prayers and Chants: Regular prayers, chants, or meditations directed towards the deity can help strengthen your bond and invite their guidance into your life.
  • Celebrate Their Festivals: Participate in or create your own rituals and celebrations on dates significant to the deity, such as Imbolc for Brigid or Samhain, which is closely associated with The Morrigan and Hecate.
  • Study Their Myths and Symbols: Deepening your knowledge of the deity’s stories, symbols, and teachings can offer insights into how to better align with their energies and teachings.
  • Environmental Stewardship: For deities connected with nature, such as Pan, actions that honor the Earth—like planting trees, cleaning natural spaces, or advocating for wildlife—can be a powerful tribute.

Noticing the signs that a deity may be reaching out to work with you can be the beginning of a transformative spiritual journey. Whether through dreams, symbols, or sudden insights, these connections invite you to explore deeper realms of magic and mysticism. Honoring these deities, even if you do not feel called to work with them directly, can enrich your practice and offer protection, wisdom, and inspiration. Remember, the relationship with any deity should be based on mutual respect and alignment with your personal ethics and path in witchcraft.

Next, we’ll cover some possible signs that a deity is reaching out to you with signs in your life. Since this could be a very in-depth topic, we will cover the very basics and some different ways you can honor them if you feel their call. These could range anywhere from beginner-level to moderate-level in difficulty. As always, practice caution if you are venturing out into a wooded area alone, and don’t forget to cast your protection spells!

Triple Goddess Deities


Signs that best represent Artemis are archery, the moon, hunting, and wilderness conservation. Also, be on the lookout for increased encounters with deer or other significant encounters with wildlife in the forest. Artemis may prompt the desire for independence and provide the urge to protect and nurture the vulnerable.

Honor Artemis if you think she’s present in your life by offering candles or incense during the full moon and try practicing self-reliance skills such as wilderness survival and archery for fun!


Popular and common signs of Hecate could be encountering crossroads, keys, torches, or dogs, as reoccurring symbols in your life. Pay attention to nighttime becoming more significant to you or your magical practices.

Honor Hecate by lighting black candles or procuring the crossroad symbols to invoke her presence and guidance in rituals. Study ancient Greek rituals and understand Hecate’s part in them. You may also attempt to leave offerings of garlic, eggs, or honey at a three-way crossroads (also known as a Y junction) during the New Moon. But I saw that with caution, going out to the roads at night always poses risks, and leaving food out could attract wildlife to the road, which is unsafe for animals. So keep these things in mind and respect nature!


Selene can manifest in a myriad of enchanting ways, weaving the magic of the moon into their lives. Vivid dreams or visions where the moon, night skies, or silver light play prominent roles, leaving a sense of peace or offering a deeper understanding of one’s intuitive powers. Encounters with silver objects or a sudden fascination with silver jewelry adorned with moon motifs or lunar symbols, signal Selene’s favor or presence.

Honoring Selene with simple rituals like crafting moon water under the full moon captures her essence for cleansing and spells. Creating a lunar altar with moon symbols, crystals, and silver candles around Selene’s image fosters a sacred space for worship.

Nighttime devotions, rituals, and meditations under the stars, enhanced by prayers or chants, strengthen your bond with Selene. Placing silver offerings on her altar or burying them by moonlight shows gratitude while celebrating lunar festivals during full and new moons aligns with themes of renewal and honors Selene’s influence.

Celtic Deities

The Morrigan

The Morrigan often communicates through the presence of crows and ravens, as these are her most sacred animals. A sudden or unusual sighting of these birds, especially in threes, may indicate her presence. Dreams of battles, the feeling of being watched protectively, or finding feathers in your path can also be signs.

To honor The Morrigan, offer libations of red wine or mead, or blackberries and meats, and dedicate acts of strength or protection to her. Engaging in studies or activities that embrace your personal power and resilience can also be a form of devotion. Be sure to study Celtic mythology and lore to better understand her complexities.


Signs from Brigid often involve fire, flames, and hearth fires. You might find yourself drawn to candle flames that behave unusually or experience visions in bodies of water. A sudden inspiration for creative projects or healing could also be her influence.

To honor her, light candles, particularly white or red ones, craft a Brigid’s cross from straw or reeds, and hang it in your home to bring her protection and blessings. Celebrate Imbolc, write poetry, or create musical offerings for her.


Signs from Pan would possibly include the sound of distant flutes when in natural settings, unexplained feelings of joy, sudden urges to dance, and sightings of goats or deer. A sudden interest in wild, untouched natural spaces may also indicate his call.

Music, particularly flute or pipes, played in his honor is a powerful tool. Spend time in the wild, explore places, go on a hike, go camping, and immerse yourself in nature. Engaging in conservation efforts or simply spending time joyfully in nature can serve as a tribute to Pan.


Cernunnos, the Horned God of Celtic mythology, is associated with male animals, particularly stags and horned serpents. Finding antlers, sudden encounters with stags or snakes, or feeling a deep connection to the forest and its animal inhabitants may signal his presence.

Create a nature altar with antlers, leaves, green candles, and stones. Offerings can include grains, fruits, or forest nuts. Meditation in the forest and practicing seasonal rituals that honor the Earth’s cycles, acknowledging Cernunnos’s role in them, are also great ways to honor the Horned God.

Norse Deities


Freya’s presence might be felt through an attraction to amber or gold, often found in unexpected ways. Dreams or encounters with cats, her sacred animals, especially in moments of protection, signal her closeness. Experiences of intense love, passion, beauty, and feminine empowerment also indicate her influence.

To honor Freya, wear gold or amber, symbols of her affinity. Making offerings of mead, strawberries, or barley at an outdoor altar or in a sacred space could draw her attention to you. Embrace acts of love and beauty, seeing them as rituals to connect with her essence, and treat self-care as a devotion to Freya, celebrating the divine feminine.


Encounters with unexpected change or chaos that spur growth or insights often herald Loki’s influence. Seeing foxes or trickster figures in various mediums or feeling drawn to magick that pushes conventional boundaries can signal Loki’s presence in your life.

Light candles in vibrant, fiery hues to honor Loki’s dynamic essence. Offer spicy foods, engage in humor, or solve puzzles to celebrate his mischievous spirit. Acknowledge the power of transformation and change in your practices as a nod to Loki’s catalytic nature.


Odin’s communication may come through sightings of ravens, reflecting his companions, Huginn and Muninn. A newfound interest in runes, runic magick, or wisdom literature also signals his guiding hand.

To honor Odin, offer mead or poetry, perhaps even written in runes. Embrace divination, especially using runes, and pursue wisdom in its many forms to draw closer to Odin and his vast, all-seeing wisdom.

Egyptian Deities


Isis, the Egyptian goddess, might extend her reach through dreams featuring wings or feathers, echoing her protective essence. Encounters with the ankh or lotus flowers, symbols of life and rebirth, signify her guiding presence. Sudden urges to nurture or shield others also mirror her influence.

Adorn her altar with blue, gold, and silver, accompanied by offerings of clear water or milk, to appeal to her nurturing spirit. Reciting prayers or chants dedicated to her healing and protective aspects can attract her favor, enriching your spiritual connection.


Frequent sightings of jackals, dogs, or canine symbols, particularly in unexpected moments, may hint at Anubis’s involvement in your life. A burgeoning interest in Egyptian mythology, the afterlife, or funerary customs, along with dreams or visions of guidance and protection, especially when facing life’s thresholds, indicate his presence.

Establish an altar draped in black fabric, adorned with representations of Anubis, and illuminate it with black candles. Traditional offerings like bread, beer, or water pay homage to his role in ancient rites. Meditation focused on seeking Anubis’s protection during spiritual journeys or for assistance in communicating with the spirit world, honoring his guardianship.


The appearance of lions or feline imagery in your life can signal Sekhmet’s watchful eye and protection. A pull towards healing practices that embrace strength, ferocity, or transformative fire energy, as well as situations that call for justice or empowerment, reflect her potent energy.

Sekhmet favors offerings in red, such as flowers, stones, or candles, which can be placed on an altar to honor her. Engaging in healing rituals that emphasize empowerment and transformation pays tribute to her warrior and healer facets. Chanting or singing praises invites Sekhmet’s favor, celebrating her as a formidable protector and healer.

Greek Deities


An intensifying curiosity about the Underworld, death rituals, or ancestor veneration could signal Hades reaching out. Symbols of wealth or the Underworld, such as jewels resembling those buried deep within the earth, along with visions of pomegranates or gates to unknown realms in dreams or meditations, mark his presence.

Allocate part of your altar for ancestor worship, incorporating items or images of passed loved ones. Gifts for Hades can include pomegranate seeds, coins, or black stones, left in dark places or buried. Reflecting on death and rebirth through meditation honors Hades’s sovereignty over these profound cycles.


A resonance with the shift from winter to spring, or the reverse, can signify Persephone’s influence. The presence of spring-associated flowers in notable or surprising locations, or personal growth after hardship, mirrors her journey from and back to the Underworld.

Cultivate a garden or space with flowers and plants dedicated to her, celebrating her as the Spring Queen. Offerings like honey, flowers, or seeds on an altar or in a garden draw her favor and blessings. Rituals emphasizing rebirth and renewal pay homage to her dual nature.


Heightened appreciation for beauty, in oneself or the environment, along with encounters with doves, swans, or the sea, point to Aphrodite. Intense experiences of love, passion, or a yearning for harmony indicate her touch.

Embellish your space with beauty and love symbols, including roses, shells, or images of the goddess. Bathing rituals with sea salt, rose petals, and aromatic essential oils invoke her essence. Celebrate love in all forms, fostering self-love and harmonious connections under Aphrodite’s guidance.


A deep connection to the Earth’s cycles, such as the changing seasons or plant growth, signifies Demeter’s influence. Frequent encounters with wheat, barley, or poppies, or feeling a nurturing drive towards others, reflect her maternal nature.

Dedicate a garden area to Demeter, planting crops that honor her. Homemade bread, grains, or fruits offered at an altar express gratitude for her gifts. Observing festivals like the Thesmophoria celebrates Demeter and Persephone’s stories, acknowledging the life-death-rebirth cycle.


Exploring these deities offers a journey into the multifaceted aspects of divinity that have captivated humanity for millennia. In truth, each one of these mighty beings could get an entire article post to themselves discussing their history, their legend, their strengths, and different altars or spells that could be performed to honor them. Recognizing their signs and engaging in practices to honor these powerful figures can deeply enhance our spiritual connections and personal growth.

Whether it’s through creating dedicated altars, participating in seasonal rituals, or simply reflecting on their ancient wisdom, we find unique ways to integrate their strengths, lessons, and love into our lives. This exploration not only enriches our understanding of the divine but also empowers us to embrace the diverse energies that these deities represent, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.