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I manifested two houses from one spell (part 2 of 4)

So, in a previous post, I told you the story about finding my dream home, making an incredibly outstanding offer on the home, creating a spell jar to lock it in, and then losing it to an all-cash offer.

Yeah, bummer. And, as a then “baby witch,” I wasn’t feeling too impressed with my magickal abilities. So much for the power of attraction! I certainly could not have wanted it more!

But, in hindsight, I did have a lot of fear, and I kept thinking that someone might just swoop in, steal it away from me, and kill my dreams … well, that part came true!

Anyway, I still held onto a thread of hope that the other offer would fall through, so a few days later, I grabbed a cup of coffee and started my morning ritual … no, it was no longer a morning ritual of readings and meditation as it had been in the months leading up to the day I found that house … it was now a morning ritual of looking at the house online … scrolling through the pictures and waiting to see the status change from “pending” to … well, I hoped to back to “for sale.”

And, then, I saw it. Another house for sale. Even more perfect for me … and just two blocks away!

You would not have believed how fast I ran out that door!

The House

Our realtor got us in on the same day. I loved it.

I am going to skip all of the details, but let’s just say that however much I wanted the first house, I wanted this one 10x more. I imagined how awesome it would be to live there. How perfect it would be for my daughter and grandkids to be just two blocks away.

I made sure to get lots of dirt while I was there for my spell!

The only thing standing in my way was … money. If the first house was a bit out of my price range, this one was going to be even more difficult for us to pull off financially. It was gonna hurt.

Chuck was hesitant. He didn’t want us to get in over our heads.

But, I didn’t care. I convinced him that it would be okay, and I called the mortgage company.

I told them that I needed to be approved for the very maximum amount that they could possibly go.

I had an offer in that night. I offered the full amount we were approved for, which was over asking, and I waived everything. No contingencies, no inspections, no appraisal approval, no mortgage approval, nothing. Meaning, if anything went wrong, such as it didn’t appraise high enough or the mortgage underwriters decided we didn’t qualify for that much, I would still be under contract, and they would be able to keep my deposit.

I was not worried because I was determined that nothing was going to go wrong this time.

And, I told myself that the reason the spell didn’t work last time was because THAT was the wrong house! THIS was the house that was meant for us!

That night, I once again set up everything I needed to do the spell.

I got a cute little jar … slightly bigger than last time … I had witchy music playing for ambiance. I lit a brown candle, a green candle, and a white candle, and I had all of the ingredients ready.

I wrote the address of the house, once again from memory, on a bay leaf, visualizing that it was mine and the date that we would be moving in. I added it to the jar.

I added some sugar, coffee, herbs, and dirt from the house to the jar. As I added each item, I clearly stated my intent for that house to be ours, how happy we would be there, etc.

We each added a little DNA to the jar … and a bit of hair from our cat as well.

We added yeast and moon water, stirring clockwise while visualizing living in our new home.

We were almost done – all we had left to add were a few pennies to represent the funds to purchase the house. I wished upon them and went to put the first one in the jar … but …

OMG!!! I cannot believe it.

It did not fit!!!

How could I have made this same mistake twice?

Do I even need to tell you how this part of the story turned out???

I did not get the house.

We lost out, once again, to a cash offer.


I was just devastated. And, I told myself right then and there that magick is bullshit.

My days of magick were over.

I quit.

…To Be Continued…