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I manifested two houses from one spell (part 1 of 4)

“Every intentional act is a magickal act.”

Aleister Crowley

One day in the Summer of 2021, I was randomly searching online for houses just slightly outside our price range. I say randomly because I was not even looking for a house, and, in fact, had even recently told Chuck that I was so happy with the house we were in that I didn’t ever want to move.

And then, there it was.

The most perfect house.

It was on the other side of town, and a bit further from the main streets than I would have liked it to be, but I fell in love with it immediately. And, when I mean fall in love, I mean … I wanted that house badly and if there had been a “Buy Now” button, I would have clicked it, without even seeing it in person. Here was the property’s description:

“Welcome to your own little slice of heaven! 79 S Whitehorse Rd resides on 1+ acre in the Phoenixville School District with its own babbling creek located in a quiet neighborhood. This charming cape is just waiting for its next chapter to be written. If you have a vision and have been waiting for the right moment to find the perfect piece of land to expand and build your home, this is the one you have been waiting for! Featuring 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and a study or playroom, newer appliances and the floors are hardwood, slate and tile, the roof and gutter were replaced in 2011. You Must See this property to appreciate the beauty of this setting, just minutes from Valley Forge Park, and the Pickering Creek Reservoir. You could spend your days, walking or running the surrounding trails. It is an amazing opportunity and could simply be your next Dream Home! (or land to build) Bring your work boots, maybe a paintbrush, and your own vision! Just minutes from Downtown Phoenixville featuring great local shopping and restaurants and convenient to all major routes.”

Chuck and I talked late into the night. We decided that, even though we hadn’t intended on buying another house, it made sense for many reasons. We decided we would rent the house we were currently living in to one of our daughters, making it more likely that our family would grow stronger roots in our town.

My realtor, Dan, made me an appointment to see it the very next day.

I did not sleep at all that night. I had already looked at the photos so many times that they were burned into my brain. I spent the entire night decorating and furnishing every room down to the tiniest detail.

The next day finally came, and we went to see the house.

It was everything I imagined it would be from the photos and more.

The House

It was located off the street and behind another house on a pretty large piece of land with a little stream behind it. The property was as picture-perfect as any park I had ever been to and the house itself was truly adorable.

It was perfect actually, and I could immediately picture us living there.

In my mind’s eye, I could see my grandchildren playing outside. I could hear the birds singing as I drank my coffee in the kitchen. There was even a “bonus” room that would be perfect for Chuck and me to practice yoga. And, no, we don’t practice yoga … but I have always wanted to, and I was certain that if I lived there, we would.

I even decided we would finally be ready to get another dog. After all, it had been a few years since Bandit crossed over Rainbow Bridge … it was time.

There was nothing to think about. I knew the house was perfect, and I wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

So, I told Dan we wanted to make an offer. But, not just any offer, I wanted to offer 20% over asking and to waive the inspection. We also added an escalation clause to go even higher if someone put in a higher offer. It was risky and would put us in a tight spot financially, but I didn’t care.

I even wrote a heartfelt letter to tell the owner how much the house would mean to us.

Truly, it was an amazing offer. Dan assured us that it was a good offer, especially since we didn’t even have to have a contingency of selling our house.

He said that the only thing that could really beat it was a cash offer.

I wanted that house at any cost.

Chuck and I went home feeling incredibly excited, and I couldn’t sleep at all again that night. But, this time, it was for a different reason.

I felt fear gripping my heart … a fear that someone else would come along with a cash offer and steal the house away from me.

I looked up various spells just to cover all of my bases. I came across a spell that looked promising, and I had all of the ingredients except one … I needed dirt from the house.

The spell said the dirt was optional, but I wasn’t about to take a chance. I asked Dan if he could get us back in to take another look.

So, we went back, and while Chuck distracted Dan, I managed to “steal” a bit of dirt from various areas on the property.

Again, I was not taking chances 😀

I went back home, set up everything I needed to do the spell, and Chuck and I did it together. We had some witchy music playing for ambiance, a brown candle, a green candle, and a white candle burning, and all of the ingredients laid out to put into a cute little jar.

I wrote the address of the house from memory on a bay leaf, visualizing that it was mine and the date that we would be moving in. I added it to the jar.

I added some sugar, coffee, herbs, and the dirt from the house to the jar. As I added each item, I clearly stated my intent for that house to be ours, how happy we would be there, etc.

We each added a little DNA to the jar … and a bit of hair from our cat as well.

We added yeast and moon water, stirring clockwise while we visualized living in our new home.

We were almost done – all we had left to add were a few pennies to represent the funds to purchase the house. I wished upon them and went to put the first one in the jar … but …

It did not fit.

“Chuck,” I said, “do you have a dime?”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a fistful of ones and a few coins, and handed me a dime.

It did not fit.

Frustrated, I grabbed a one-dollar bill, rolled it up, and put it in the jar. I sealed it with the candles, and put it atop an Ace of Pentacles tarot card and a Ten of Cups tarot card, representing new opportunities, manifestation, abundance, new beginnings, fulfillment, and joy in relation to family.

Needless to say, I did go to bed feeling very happy that night.

The next few days were very long as we waited to hear. We knew that they had been showing the house all weekend, and I knew that there would be other offers.

If there was any way we could have been approved for more, I would have offered even more than I already had.

And, then, I got the call that I was both anxiously awaiting and dreading at the same time.

We did not get the house. There was another offer that was only just slightly higher than ours, but it was in all cash.

I was crushed. I cried and felt like I was in mourning. I was aching for something that I never had, so I didn’t really lose it.

But it felt like I did. And, it hurt.

I went to bed feeling very defeated and filled with anger. It felt so unfair that someone would have that much cash. Plus, Dan said they were probably planning to tear the house down and rebuild it. How could they do that? It just felt so wrong.

And, what the heck! This witchcraft shit clearly doesn’t work. If it did, wouldn’t the house be mine?

The next day, Chuck and I talked. He reminded me that just a week before, I was perfectly happy in the home we lived in, and I had even said I didn’t ever want to move. He also reminded me that we would have been stretched pretty thin if we had gotten the house, so maybe it just worked out for the best. And, I agreed with him.

A few days later, while I was looking at pictures of the house online, guess what I found?

An EVEN MORE perfect house, just two blocks away!

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