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Crafting Connections: A Full Moon Honey Jar Spell for Love

In the glow of the full moon, magic stirs, and intentions set during this phase hold immense power. If you’re ready to open your heart to love and attract a meaningful connection, a Full Moon Honey Jar Spell might be the key.

A spell jar, also known as a witch jar or spell bottle, is a container used in witchcraft to hold the ingredients and intentions of a spell. It’s typically a small jar or bottle into which specific items are placed, such as herbs, crystals or stones, oils, written intentions or spells, and other symbolic materials. Each ingredient is chosen for its magical properties and the specific energies it brings to the spell. Once sealed, the spell jar is used as a focal point for manifesting a particular desire, offering protection, or attracting certain energies, depending on the spell’s purpose.

Spell jars can be kept in a special place, buried, or hidden, depending on the tradition and the nature of the spell.

Full Moon Honey Jar Spell

This honey jar spell is steeped in tradition, harmonizing the sweetness of honey with the potent energy of the full moon to manifest love. Here’s how you can create your own magical concoction to invite love into your life.

Ingredients and Tools

  • A Night of Full Moon: The full moon’s energy is perfect for spells concerning growth and manifestation. Consult our moon calendar for the date of the next full moon.
  • A Small Jar: To contain and nurture your intentions.
  • Honey: Symbolizes sweetness and the attraction of love.
  • Alcohol (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.): Acts as a preservative and adds potency to your spell.
  • Rose Petals (pink, red, and/or white): Attracts love and heals the heart.
  • Herbs and Roots: Choose from cardamom (love and intimacy), cinnamon (passion), red pepper (adds spice), vanilla bean (sweetness and comfort), basil (protection), bay leaves (wishes), jasmine (prophetic dreams), lavender (peace), nutmeg (luck in love), or violet (love).
  • A Crystal (optional): Rose quartz is perfect for unconditional love.
  • A Slip of Paper and a Pen: To articulate your intention.
  • A Small Pink, Red, or White Candle: Corresponds with love and intention.
  • Matches or a Lighter


  1. Cleanse and Prepare Your Jar: Combine honey, alcohol, rose petals, chosen herbs, and optionally, a crystal, in your jar. These ingredients symbolize the nurturing and preservation of love.
  2. Set Your Intention: Write your intention on the slip of paper in the present or past tense, such as “I am surrounded by love” or “I have found my true love.” Submerge the paper in the jar, stirring your intention into the mixture.
  3. Seal With Sweetness: As you dip your fingers into the honey mixture, envision the sweetness of love enveloping your life. Lick the honey off your fingers, affirming, “As sweet as this honey, so will love be drawn to me.”
  4. Energize Your Spell: Seal the jar and gently shake it as you focus on your intention. Light the candle, letting its flame symbolize the spark of love. Speak your intention to the universe and the full moon, visualizing your life filled with love’s light.
  5. Raise the Energy: Engage in chanting, singing, or dancing to elevate the energy of your spell. Consider sealing the jar with wax from the candle for an added magical seal.
  6. Close the Ritual: As the candle burns down, maintain your focus on your intention. Once complete, express your gratitude to the universe, the moon, and any deities you honor.
  7. Bury Your Jar: Under the full moon’s light, bury your jar in a patch of earth, symbolizing the planting and growth of your intentions.

Tips for Success

  • Believe in Your Power: Confidence in your magical practice is essential. Trust in your ability to manifest and focus your energy on your intention without allowing doubt to seep in.
  • The Magic Within: Remember, the ingredients are symbolic guides. The true magic lies within you, in your intentions, emotions, and the energy you pour into the spell.
  • Realistic Expectations: Magic respects free will. Focus on inviting love into your life rather than targeting a specific individual. Be open to the universe’s wisdom in bringing the right connections your way.
  • Positive Intentions Only: Love magic should be practiced with respect, never to harm or manipulate. Positive intentions attract positive outcomes, ensuring your practice remains harmonious and beneficial.

In weaving this honey jar spell under the full moon, you align your desires with the universe’s natural rhythms, setting the stage for love to enter your life. May your Full Moon Honey Spell Jar be a sweet and powerful catalyst for the love you seek to manifest.