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Worm Moon 2025


March 14, 2025    
All Day

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Worm Moon: A Time of Awakening and Fertility

The Worm Moon heralds the arrival of spring, typically gracing our skies in March. This moon gets its name from the thawing soil and the resurgence of earthworms, which in turn attract birds—a sure sign that spring is on its way.

In witchcraft and pagan traditions, the Worm Moon represents a time of awakening, rebirth, and increased fertility, both of the land and of our intentions.

Astronomical Details

The Worm Moon usually occurs in March, although the specific date can vary each year. Consult our moon calendar, updated at the end of each year with the lunar calendar dates for the upcoming year, for the exact timing of this full moon phase.

Corresponding Sabbat: Ostara

The Worm Moon is often closely aligned with Ostara, the pagan festival that celebrates the spring equinox. This is a time of balance between day and night, light and darkness, and serves as a reminder of the growing power of the Sun. The themes of rebirth and renewal emphasized in the Ostara sabbat resonate well with the fertile essence of the Worm Moon.

Significance in Witchcraft

With spring’s promise of renewal and growth, the Worm Moon is a prime time for fertility spells, rituals for new beginnings, and practices that involve connecting with the earth. The energy of the full moon encourages the sprouting of seeds—both literal and metaphorical—that were planted in previous months.

Ritual Ideas

  1. Seed Blessing Ritual: Take seeds you plan to plant and bless them under the Worm Moon for a bountiful harvest.
  2. Spring Cleaning Spell: Use the energy of the Worm Moon to cleanse your home, both physically and spiritually. Smudge with sage and set intentions for the spaces you inhabit.
  3. Fertility Charms: Create or charge talismans aimed at boosting fertility, whether in the garden, in creative projects, or even in family planning.
  4. Earth Connection Meditation: Spend time outdoors, meditating with your hands or feet touching the soil, to reconnect with the earth’s renewing energy.

Join the Circle: Worm Moon Gathering

Embrace the revitalizing energy of spring under the Worm Moon by joining our virtual circle. It’s a time to share the blossoming of new beginnings and the awakening of the earth. Connect with us and others by using the hashtag #WormMoonGathering on social media to share how you’re celebrating this vibrant time.

Featured Ritual: Garden of Intentions under the Worm Moon

This ritual is a beautiful way to align your personal intentions with the fertile energy of the Worm Moon, planting the seeds for what you wish to grow and flourish in the coming months.


  • A pot or a patch of soil in your garden
  • Seeds that represent your intentions (e.g., sunflowers for joy and vitality, basil for prosperity)
  • A small piece of paper and a pen
  • A green candle (symbolizing growth and fertility)
  • Optional: Fertility symbols or stones like rabbit figurines or jade


  1. Cleanse your space and yourself using your preferred method, like smudging with sage or using a singing bowl for sound cleansing.
  2. Arrange your materials on your altar or in your garden, a space where you feel connected to the earth and the moon.


  1. Sit quietly under the light of the Worm Moon, holding your seeds in your hand. Reflect on what you wish to grow and manifest in your life – these are your intentions.
  2. Write your intentions on the piece of paper. Be clear and specific.
  3. Light the green candle, and focus on its flame. Visualize your intentions taking root and growing, nurtured by the light of the candle and the moon.
  4. Plant your seeds in the soil, one for each intention. As you cover them with earth, visualize your intentions sprouting and reaching towards the moonlight.
  5. Place your written intentions and fertility symbols or stones around the pot or in the garden.
  6. Spend a few moments in meditation, visualizing your intentions growing strong and healthy, supported by the fertile energy of the Worm Moon.

Close your ritual by expressing gratitude to the Earth and the Worm Moon. Share a photo or insight from your Garden of Intentions ritual on social media using the hashtag #WormMoonGathering.

This ritual is a powerful way to connect with the energy of renewal and growth that the Worm Moon brings. As you tend to your garden or your pot of intentions in the coming weeks, remember the fertile energy of this time, nurturing your dreams and watching them blossom into reality.


The Worm Moon is a call to awaken from our winter slumber and embrace the budding opportunities of spring. As the earth softens and new life begins to stir, so too should we shake off the inertia of winter and engage with the promise of brighter days to come.

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