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Strawberry Moon 2025


June 11, 2025    
All Day

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The Strawberry Moon: A Time of Ripening and Gathering

The Strawberry Moon graces the sky in June, marking a period of ripening and gathering in many cultures. Named for the strawberry harvest season in North America, this full moon embodies the spirit of community, joy, and preparation for the hotter months ahead. For those engaged in witchcraft and pagan traditions, the Strawberry Moon serves as a gentle reminder to collect the spiritual and material fruits of your labor.

Astronomical Details

Occurring in the month of June, the date of the Strawberry Moon varies each year due to the lunar calendar’s alignment with the solar calendar. Consult our moon calendar for precise timing.

Corresponding Sabbat: Litha (Midsummer)

The Strawberry Moon falls around the time of Litha, also known as Midsummer. This sabbat celebrates the zenith of the sun’s power, and the Strawberry Moon complements this by emphasizing the fruits and rewards that come with strong, sustained effort.

Significance in Witchcraft

In witchcraft, the Strawberry Moon provides fertile ground for spells focused on harvesting—whether that means reaping the rewards of completed projects, solidifying relationships, or gathering resources for future endeavors. The moon’s energy during this period supports acts of gratitude and preparation.

Ritual Ideas

  1. Gratitude Ceremony: Create an altar adorned with fresh strawberries, summer flowers, and candles to give thanks for the blessings you’ve received so far this year.
  2. Love and Friendship Spells: The Strawberry Moon’s timing near Midsummer makes it ideal for love and friendship spells. Consider a rose petal bath spell or crafting a charm bag filled with herbs like lavender and rose quartz crystals.
  3. Community Rituals: Engage in a community gathering, virtual or physical, to share in the celebrations and to strengthen your social bonds.
  4. Preservation Spells: Use this time to preserve what you have gathered, both materially and spiritually. Spells involving jars, boxes, or knots are particularly effective.
  5. Dreamwork: As you prepare for the rest of the year, use the Strawberry Moon to fuel dreamwork or journeying exercises, aiming to gather insights and guidance for the path ahead.

Join the Circle: Strawberry Moon Gathering

As the Strawberry Moon ripens in the night sky, join our virtual circle to celebrate the spirit of community, joy, and the bounty of life. This is a time to share the fruits of your spiritual and material harvest and to embrace the collective energy of gratitude and preparation. Engage with fellow practitioners by using the hashtag #StrawberryMoonGathering on social media, sharing your celebrations, rituals, and reflections.

Featured Ritual: Harvest of Blessings under the Strawberry Moon

This ritual harnesses the Strawberry Moon’s nurturing energy, creating a sacred space to acknowledge your achievements, express gratitude, and set intentions for sustained abundance.


  • A bowl of fresh strawberries (symbolizing the harvest and sweetness of life)
  • Summer flowers (representing joy and beauty)
  • Pink or red candles (symbolizing love and gratitude)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • Optional: Crystals associated with gratitude and abundance (e.g., citrine, green aventurine)


  1. Cleanse your space and yourself, setting an atmosphere of warmth and receptivity.
  2. Arrange your materials on your altar or in a comfortable space where you feel connected to the moon’s energy.


  1. Sit under the light of the Strawberry Moon, holding a strawberry in your hand. Reflect on the fruits of your labor, the achievements, and blessings you’ve gathered so far this year.
  2. Write down the blessings you’re grateful for on the piece of paper. Be sincere and heartfelt in your expressions of gratitude.
  3. Light the pink or red candles, focusing on the warm and loving energy they emit. Visualize this energy enveloping your written blessings, amplifying the feelings of gratitude and love.
  4. Enjoy a strawberry, mindfully savoring its sweetness and texture, as a symbolic act of receiving and acknowledging the abundance in your life.
  5. Place your written blessings, along with any crystals, near the candles. Allow the candles to burn safely, knowing that their light is casting warmth and appreciation onto your blessings.
  6. Spend time in meditation or quiet reflection, absorbing the nurturing energy of the Strawberry Moon and the joyous vibes of the approaching Midsummer.

Close your ritual by expressing gratitude for the abundance and joy in your life, acknowledging the community’s collective energy and the nurturing presence of the Strawberry Moon. Share your experience or a photo of your Harvest of Blessings ritual on social media using the hashtag #StrawberryMoonGathering.

This ritual is a beautiful way to connect with the energy of gratitude and abundance that the Strawberry Moon brings, reminding you to cherish the fruits of your labor and to carry this bountiful energy forward into the rest of the year.


The Strawberry Moon offers a moment to pause and gather, encouraging us to take stock of our blessings and prepare for the journey ahead. It’s a time of celebration and gratitude, enhanced by the pervasive energy of the approaching Midsummer sun. As we partake in the moon’s offerings, let us carry its fruitful energy forward into the unfolding chapters of our lives.

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