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Pink Moon 2025


April 13, 2025    
All Day

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The Pink Moon: Embracing Transformation and Growth

Known as the Pink Moon, April’s full moon beckons us further into the reawakening world of spring. The name is not derived from the moon’s color but rather from the pink phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring. In various witchcraft and pagan traditions, the Pink Moon is a time of transformation and growth.

Astronomical Details

The Pink Moon occurs in April, with its precise date varying each year based on the lunar calendar. As always, it’s a good idea to consult our moon calendar, updated each year, for the most accurate timing.

Corresponding Sabbat: Beltane

The Pink Moon frequently falls close to or within the energy window of Beltane, a sabbat that celebrates the peak of spring and the beginning hints of summer. Beltane is a time of joy, passion, and the union of opposites, themes that nicely parallel the growing power and transformative qualities of the Pink Moon.

Significance in Witchcraft

The Pink Moon is an opportune time for spells and rituals focused on transformation, personal growth, and love. The full moon’s powerful energy amplifies intentions, making it the perfect occasion to shed old skins and embrace change.

Ritual Ideas

  1. Love and Attraction Spells: Utilize the Pink Moon’s energy to draw love and happiness into your life. Create a love spell jar with herbs like rose petals and lavender.
  2. Spiritual Growth Ritual: Engage in meditation or journaling exercises focusing on your spiritual path and growth, setting milestones for the journey ahead.
  3. Planting Ritual: Following the tradition of Beltane, plant flowers that represent love and joy. Bless these plants under the Pink Moon, asking for happiness and love to bloom in your life.
  4. Fire Ritual: As Beltane often involves fire ceremonies to symbolize the growing sun and fertility, consider a safe, small-scale fire ritual to burn away things that no longer serve you, freeing you for transformation.

Join the Circle: Pink Moon Gathering

Celebrate the transformative energy of the Pink Moon by joining our virtual circle of renewal and growth. This is a time to share stories of transformation, love, and personal growth. Engage with the community using the hashtag #PinkMoonGathering on social media, sharing how the Pink Moon illuminates your path.

Featured Ritual: Blossoming Intentions under the Pink Moon

This ritual harnesses the Pink Moon’s energy of growth and transformation, providing a sacred space to plant the seeds of your intentions, allowing them to blossom with the moon’s nurturing light.


  • A pot or garden space for planting
  • Flower seeds or plants that symbolize your intentions (e.g., daisies for simplicity, roses for love)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A pink candle (representing love, harmony, and warmth)
  • Optional: Rose quartz or green aventurine for love and growth


  1. Cleanse your space and yourself, creating a serene environment for your ritual.
  2. Set up your materials in a place where you feel connected to the moon and the earth.


  1. Under the light of the Pink Moon, hold your seeds or plants, contemplating the growth and transformation you wish to invite into your life.
  2. Write your intentions on the piece of paper. Be clear and heartfelt in your words.
  3. Light the pink candle, focusing on the warm and loving energy it emits. Visualize this energy infusing your intentions with strength and clarity.
  4. Plant your seeds or plants in the soil, each one representing a specific intention. As you nurture them into the earth, envision your intentions taking root, ready to grow and flourish.
  5. Place your written intentions and any crystals around the plants or in the soil.
  6. Spend time meditating or quietly reflecting, visualizing your intentions blossoming with the plants, nurtured by the energy of the Pink Moon.

Close your ritual by expressing gratitude for the transformative energy of the Pink Moon and any spiritual guides you work with. Share your experience or a photo of your Blossoming Intentions ritual on social media using the hashtag #PinkMoonGathering.

This ritual aligns you with the Pink Moon’s themes of growth and transformation, helping you to plant the seeds of your deepest intentions and watch them bloom into reality with the nurturing light of the moon.


The Pink Moon serves as a powerful reminder of the constant change and transformation intrinsic to the Wheel of the Year. As flowers bloom and temperatures rise, so too should we aim to grow, transform, and embrace the ever-turning cycle of life.

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