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Imbolc 2025


February 1, 2025 - February 2, 2025    
All Day

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Imbolc: Awakening the Earth and Igniting New Beginnings

As winter’s icy grip begins to recede, the promise of spring teases us in the whispering winds and the elongated days. We arrive at Imbolc, a crucial point in the Wheel of the Year that heralds the end of winter and the start of spring.

Also known as Brigid’s Day, Imbolc is a festival of lights, growth, and new beginnings. It falls approximately halfway between the Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Spring Equinox (Ostara).

In this article, we’ll explore the myriad aspects of Imbolc and how you can make this festival a transformative experience.

The Origin and Meaning of Imbolc

The name “Imbolc” derives from the Old Irish word “imbolc,” which translates to “in the belly,” alluding to the potential for new life that lies within the Earth and livestock. It’s a time when the first signs of spring emerge, as evidenced by the blooming of snowdrops and the sap flow in trees. This sabbat is traditionally associated with Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, healing, and smithcraft.

Astrological Significance

Imbolc occurs when the Sun transits the zodiac sign of Aquarius. It typically falls between February 1st and 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere. The innovative and humanitarian energies of Aquarius can be channeled into your Imbolc celebrations, driving you to think about communal welfare and future plans.

Rituals of Cleansing and Renewal

Imbolc is a time for cleansing and purification. Consider spring cleaning your home to sweep away the old and make space for new energies. Ritual baths with herbs like rosemary, sage, and lavender can cleanse your aura, preparing you for the blessings of the coming season.

Crafting a Brigid’s Cross

One of the most iconic symbols of Imbolc is Brigid’s Cross, usually made from reeds or straw. Creating your own Brigid’s Cross can be a meditative and spiritually fulfilling experience. Hang it near your entrance to protect your home and invite in positive energy.

Traditional Symbols and Altar Ideas

Imbolc altars often include symbols of new beginnings and purity, such as white candles, spring flowers, and seeds. Symbols of the goddess Brigid, like her flaming spear or healing well, can also adorn your sacred space. An offering of milk or honey embodies the sweetness and nourishment of life.

Feast of Light and Life

In alignment with the season, indulge in dairy products, seeds, and spiced wines to celebrate abundance and growth. Foods like bread, cakes, and dishes featuring dairy products are traditional choices, as they symbolize the nourishment provided by the goddess Brigid.

Associated Deities

  1. Brigid: The primary deity associated with Imbolc, she represents the eternal flame and the life-giving energy of spring.
  2. Ceres/Demeter: The Roman and Greek goddesses of agriculture and motherhood, representing the promise of a fruitful harvest.
  3. Eostre: The Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn and spring, who lends her name to the Christian festival of Easter.

Community and Sharing

Imbolc is not just about personal renewal but also extends to communal welfare. Consider donating to a food bank, participating in community clean-up projects, or planting trees to mark the onset of spring.

Join the Circle: Imbolc Gathering

As the Earth stirs from its slumber and the promise of spring whispers in the air, join our virtual Imbolc Gathering to celebrate this time of awakening and rebirth. Share in the collective energy of renewal, growth, and the nurturing light of Brigid. Engage with the community by using the hashtag #ImbolcGathering on social media, sharing your rituals, altar setups, and the sparks of new beginnings in your life.

Featured Ritual: Flames of Brigid – Igniting New Beginnings

This ritual taps into the invigorating energy of Imbolc, creating a sacred space to honor the goddess Brigid, cleanse your spirit, and set intentions for the budding season.


  • White candles (representing purity, new beginnings, and the light of Brigid)
  • A bowl of fresh snowdrops or other early spring flowers
  • A Brigid’s Cross (handmade or purchased) – click here for instructions to make your own Brigid’s Cross
  • A bowl of milk or honey (offerings to Brigid)
  • Pen and paper for writing intentions
  • Herbs for cleansing and renewal (e.g., rosemary, sage, lavender)


  1. Cleanse your space and yourself, fostering an atmosphere of freshness and potential.
  2. Arrange your materials on your altar or in a space where you feel connected to the energies of Brigid and the awakening Earth.


  1. Stand or sit in your prepared space, holding the white candle. Reflect on the returning light, the potential lying dormant within the Earth, and within you.
  2. Light the candle, focusing on its flame. Visualize the light of Brigid illuminating your path, guiding you toward growth and renewal.
  3. Place the bowl of snowdrops or spring flowers on your altar as a symbol of the emerging life all around.
  4. Hang or place Brigid’s Cross near your entrance or on your altar, invoking Brigid’s protection and blessing for your home.
  5. Offer the bowl of milk or honey, expressing your gratitude and readiness to receive the abundance and sweetness of the new season.
  6. Write down your intentions for the coming season on the piece of paper. Be clear and purposeful in your desires and aspirations.
  7. Pass the paper through the candle’s flame (safely), allowing Brigid’s light to empower your intentions.
  8. Spend time in meditation or quiet reflection, feeling the energies of Imbolc infusing your spirit with strength, clarity, and the promise of renewal.

Close your ritual by expressing your heartfelt thanks for the guidance and illumination provided by Brigid and the awakening Earth. Share your experience or a photo of your Flames of Brigid ritual on social media using the hashtag #ImbolcGathering.

This ritual aligns you with Imbolc’s themes of purification, awakening, and new beginnings, helping you to embrace the transformative energy of the season and to sow the seeds of your future growth and fulfillment.


Imbolc serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of seasons and the perpetuity of life. As you celebrate this sacred time, allow the energies of renewal, purity, and growth to infuse your spirit, setting the stage for a year rich with promise, love, and abundance.