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Flower Moon 2025


May 12, 2025    
All Day

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The Flower Moon: Celebrating Fertility and Abundance

May’s full moon, commonly known as the Flower Moon, heralds a time of blossoming and fertility, aptly named for the explosion of blooming flowers that color the landscape.

In witchcraft and pagan practices, the Flower Moon embodies the full realization of intentions set earlier in the Wheel of the Year and is an ideal time for fertility rites, as well as rituals for personal and community abundance.

Astronomical Details

The Flower Moon occurs during the month of May, but the exact date can vary each year due to the lunar calendar. Be sure to reference our moon calendar each year for updated dates and times.

Corresponding Sabbat: Beltane to Litha (Midsummer)

The Flower Moon is situated between the sabbats of Beltane and Litha (Midsummer), encompassing themes from both. While Beltane celebrates life and fertility, Litha marks the height of the Sun’s power, symbolizing light, abundance, and celebration.

Significance in Witchcraft

In the context of witchcraft, the Flower Moon is a crucial time for fertility spells, prosperity rituals, and any workings that focus on maximizing life’s joys. As a period of heightened magical energy, it is excellent for manifesting goals and achieving personal growth.

Ritual Ideas

  1. Fertility Rituals: If you are looking to conceive, either physically or metaphorically, perform a fertility ritual. This could include planting seeds and blessing them or using fertility symbols like the egg and the hare in your altar setup.
  2. Prosperity Magick: Utilize the energy of the Flower Moon to perform spells aimed at financial success. Consider a money spell jar, using coins, herbs like basil and mint, and a green candle.
  3. Crystal Charging: The full moon’s rays are believed to cleanse and charge crystals. Place your crystals outside or on a windowsill during the Flower Moon to harness its energy.
  4. Nature Walk and Foraging: Engage in a mindful walk through nature, gathering flowers and herbs that resonate with you. Use these in your rituals, spells, or simply enjoy them as sacred items in your home.
  5. Sun and Moon Balance Ritual: Considering the Flower Moon’s position between Beltane and Litha, perform a balance ritual honoring both the moon and the sun. Use a white candle to represent the moon and a yellow candle to represent the sun, focusing on harmonizing different aspects of your life.

Join the Circle: Flower Moon Gathering

As the Flower Moon blooms in the sky, join our virtual gathering to celebrate fertility, abundance, and the beauty of life. This is a time to share the blossoming of your intentions and the joy of spring’s abundance. Share your Flower Moon celebrations and rituals using the hashtag #FlowerMoonGathering on social media.

Featured Ritual: Blossom and Prosperity Circle under the Flower Moon

This ritual taps into the fertile and prosperous energy of the Flower Moon, creating a space to manifest abundance and celebrate the blossoming of your dreams and intentions.


  • A small pot or a designated spot in your garden
  • Flower seeds or blooming plants that represent abundance and growth (e.g., sunflowers for prosperity, lavender for tranquility)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A green candle (symbolizing prosperity and growth)
  • Optional: Prosperity crystals like citrine or green aventurine


  1. Cleanse your space and yourself, setting a positive and welcoming atmosphere for the ritual.
  2. Arrange your materials in a space where you feel connected to the moon’s energy and the vibrant life of nature.


  1. Sit under the light of the Flower Moon, holding your seeds or plants, and reflect on the abundance you wish to invite into your life.
  2. Write your intentions or wishes for prosperity and growth on the piece of paper. Be clear and focused in your desires.
  3. Light the green candle, visualizing its flame igniting the energy of abundance and growth within you and your intentions.
  4. Plant your seeds or place your blooming plants in the soil, each one representing a specific intention or area of growth. As you nurture them into the earth, visualize your intentions flourishing and reaching towards the nurturing light of the Flower Moon.
  5. Place your written intentions and any prosperity crystals around the plants or in the soil.
  6. Spend time in meditation or quiet reflection, feeling the energy of the Flower Moon enveloping you and your intentions, encouraging them to grow and thrive.

Close your ritual by expressing gratitude for the fertile and abundant energy of the Flower Moon. Share your experience or a photo of your Blossom and Prosperity Circle on social media using the hashtag #FlowerMoonGathering.

This ritual is a powerful way to connect with the energy of growth and abundance that the Flower Moon brings, planting the seeds of your deepest desires and watching them bloom into reality with the nurturing light of the moon.


The Flower Moon offers us the opportunity to fully embrace the vibrant life-force energies circulating in nature and within ourselves. It calls for celebration, growth, and the harvesting of dreams sown in the earlier parts of the year. Let us answer its call with gratitude and joyous hearts.

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