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About Us

Are you ready to develop a personal practice that flows with your everyday life? I was—and that is how Grandma’s Grimoire came to be. 

In 2021, after visiting a witchy shop in New Hope, NJ, I realized that something had been missing or lost to me for nearly 45 years. I had lost all belief in magic … and I realized how incredibly sad it was to live a life without it, especially since it had been such an integral part of me as a child. Long before Harry Potter or The Craft, I spent my younger years pretending to be a witch. I was a daydreamer, which got me in a lot of trouble at school. I had imaginary friends and an imaginary familiar. I spent countless hours digging for and polishing rocks, making potions, creating spaces for the Fae folk, and fantasizing about … well, everything.

Unfortunately, my childhood was cut incredibly short; by age 15, I was already married and had my first child. I hadn’t even finished the 8th grade. I had my second child at age 17, and by the time I was 25, I was divorced and pregnant with my third child. The next 25 years flew by. I got my GED, went to college, and began a career as a web developer. I kept very busy being a grownup and doing “all the things” that our society keeps us very busy doing.

It wasn’t until my children began having children that I finally discovered what I consider my true identity—my new role as Grandma. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Grandma. I was fortunate to have had two wonderful grandmothers while I was growing up, and I have many happy memories of each of them. Now, I have seven wonderful grandchildren and am very fortunate that six of them live only a few miles away.

Anyway, after visiting that witch shop in 2021, I realized that I was ready to embark on a new journey. I wanted to live my life much more intentionally and to develop a personal practice to “go with the flow” of life. So, I eagerly set out on a quest to rediscover the magic that had been taken from me during my childhood. That journey has led me down the path of the witch, one that my youngest daughter had already discovered for herself many years before.

In 2023, my daughter and I began Grandma’s Grimoire as a way to document and share our experiences in the hopes that we might leave a legacy to inspire future generations and anyone who is drawn to it. We envision it as an exploration of witchcraft, what we are learning, and a way to discover what resonates with each of us. It’s both a Book of Shadows and a Grimoire of sorts, designed for modern practitioners interested in weaving witchcraft and magick into their daily lives.

Nothing on these pages is intended to be taken as gospel or fact. These pages are our opinions, our observations, and our experiments. We like to try new things and explore new paths. This is a discovery process that sometimes results in discovering what we are NOT interested in exploring just as much as what we are. There may come a time when we purge a lot of the content on this website in order to try to hone in on our core beliefs; however, for now, we are in an explorative process where we are figuring out what we enjoy learning about and writing about.

Over the past year, my recurring themes have included shadow work, meditation, transformation, and ways to incorporate the wheel of the year and the moon’s phases into my practice. My daughter has a strong relationship with herbal magic and the divine, dark feminine power that guides her. She writes under the pen name “Mother.”

Although I have respect for Wiccan beliefs, I do not consider myself a Wiccan. I am spiritual but not religious, and I truly consider witchcraft to be a craft and not a religion. I consider myself to be a “Shapeshifter Witch” in the metaphorical sense that I am versatile, adaptable, and guided by a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of various magical practices. I spend a lot of time reading, studying, and practicing what I have learned. I am very interested in the psychological aspects of the subconscious, and I often reference Carl Jung. I am also very interested in connecting with my ancestors, and in using art as a medium to communicate with the spirit realm. I have a deep reverence for nature and I am embracing my spiritual practices for inner growth and transformation. In addition to writing under the pen name “Grandma,” I am also the “Phoenix” who is currently awakening and waiting for the right moment to take flight.

I hope you enjoy our Grimoire and I hope that it inspires you as you walk your witch path!